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Listen to Nancy on The Primalosophy Podcast

BBC's Moral Maze: D-Day 75th Anniversary.  Do we have the collective will and alliances to mount a D-Day type campaign if the existential threats arise in the future?  Nancy Sherman is part of a live debate on the BBC’s Moral Maze

Georgetown University Provost Podcast: GU Faculty in Research - Nancy Sherman

The Forum: Calm in the chaos: the story of the Stoics

The Practical Stoic Podcast with Simon Drew: #87 - Interview with Nancy Sherman

Team RWB: Dr. Nancy Sherman on Philosophy, Stoicism, the military mindset and living a life of action

ABC: Moral injury on Big Ideas

ABC/The Philosopher's Zone: The military, moral injury, and Nancy Sherman

Very Bad Wizards Podcast: EPISODE 94: BUTTERY FRIENDSHIPS /JULY 19, 2016

Nancy Sherman spoke at CCRJ, SOAS about her new book: Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of Our Soldiers

Dr. Leslie Vinjamuri of SOAS University interviews Professor Nancy Sherman

KOJO, NPR: Moral Injury And The Aftereffects of War

NPR/WPR – Healing Moral Injury In Soldiers

Afterwar – Episode 22 – The Oxford Comment

Nancy Sherman on BBC Radio's A History of IDEAS

Nancy Sherman on BBC Radio 4 program, The Moral Maze

ABC: Nancy Sherman on the moral injuries sustained by soldiers

Nancy Sherman's Air Force Academy Address

Nancy Sherman on BBC's SUNDAY

INTERVIEW ON thekojonnamdishow.org | post traumatic stress and military 

interview (in German) | ARD German Broadcasting

Nancy Sherman’s BBC interview

Nancy Sherman’s talk, “The Moral Cost of War: Shame,
Guilt, and Self-Empathy”
| SIUC Humanities Forum

Nancy Sherman interview on WFHB

WFHB's Interchange from 6-7 pm, November 15, 2011, will feature Nancy Sherman and a local veteran.

BBC World Service Programmes - Your World,
The Kill Factor, Episode 1

Nancy talks about soldiers and the inner battlespace of war

utah public radio.org

2010-11 Drell Lecture- "The Moral Wounds of War: The War Within"

National writers project Interview

Interview with Lee Rayburn
on KNews radio

Interview with Tom McGurk ON 4FM

WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show

John Batchelor Show

WBUR's Here and Now: A Writer Tells Soldiers’ Internal War Stories

KUOW's The COVERSATION: The Moral Soldier

Philadelphia’s WHYY Radio Times:
The inner wars our soldiers are fighting

military.com: Behind "The Untold War" with Professor Nancy Sherman

Diane Rehm show: Mental Health in the U.S. Military

Nancy Sherman with Ira Glass in This American Life:
What's In A Number?

Act Three. What Do We Do with These Numbers Anyway?
So if, in fact, 100,000 Iraqis died because of the war — and that number is a year old — what do we do with that number? So Ira turns to Nancy Sherman, who writes about the military and its values. She's a professor of philosophy at Georgetown University and was the Distinguished Chair of Ethics at the U.S. Navy Academy. She also wrote Stoic Warriors. (3 minutes)

Radio Omnibus - Fairleigh Dickinson University
Nancy Sherman explores the stoic mindset of the soldier.

Kojo Namdi Show: The Warrior's Mind
Lessons from the lives of the early Greek philosophers, the Stoics, are a fundamental part of military teaching. We look at the way Stoic teaching is incorporated into the Warrior Mentality, and whether the "stoic" approach...

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly with Bob Abernathy:
Iraq War Anniversary


Religion and Ethics Newsweekly with Bob Abernathy: Battlefield Ethics

Saturday Extra, with Geraldine Doogue: Ethics in War
abc radio national

Nancy Sherman explores the ethics and values of soldiers on patrol in modern wars.

Saturday Extra, with Geraldine Doogue
abc radio national

Since the invasion of Iraq there has been a very live debate around the ethics of this particular conflict. Nancy Sherman explores the moral dilemmas faced by US troops fighting in Iraq. Do these dilemmas differ from those faced by troops in other theatres of war?

Stoics at war
abc radio national

Recent philosophical debate on war has focused on the idea that you don't just have to fight by the rules; you also have to be fighting in a just cause. But does this ignore much of the moral context of a soldier's life. What binds comrades in arms together? What about stress and what about grief, and what does the ancient Roman philosophy of Stoicism have to tell us about it?


2019 McCain Conference, Moral Injury and Resilience through a Stoic Lens

Nancy Sherman delivered the 2019 Blegen Lecture in the Department of Greek and Roman Studies at Vassar College on April 25th, 2019: "Moral Injury and Resilience through a Stoic Lens: Homecomings for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans."

Nancy Sherman: Dancers and Soldiers Sharing the Dance Floor: Emotional Expression in Dance

Watch a video of plenary address from Adelaide, Australia: Dancers and Soldiers

"Dance and the emotions,"  Fellows  Seminar at Center for Ballet and the Arts, NYU, April 2017

Nancy Sherman participates in STUDIOX Global Learning Forum - taking place at Air University virtual campus in #OpenSimulator #VR

Nancy's lecture starts at 1:59:55 https://youtu.be/b17fgEJDSRs?t=1h59m55s

Watch Nancy Sherman with panel speakers James Fallows, senior writer and national correspondent for The Atlantic; C.J. Chivers, New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent and former Marine; Brigadier Gen. (Ret, Army) Stephen Xenakis, MD, a psychiatrist who conducts clinical research on posttraumatic stress and has regularly assessed detainees at Guantanamo.

Nancy Sherman ABC TV, NewsTalk (PART 1):  

Nancy Sherman  ABC TV, NewsTalk (PART 2):

| Georgetown Blue & Gray

Watch Nancy on The Agenda with Steve Paikin
TVO: Moral Wounds

AFTERWAR Book Event | Georgetown Law | 11/03/2015

The War That Starts When Troops Come Home from War:
Nancy Sherman joins David to discuss the consequences of war on service members, including PTSD, and the psychological impact of drone warfare

Drawing on a background in philosophy as well as in psychoanalysis, Sherman addresses questions of moral responsibility regarding the 2.6 million soldiers now returning home, and shows how society needs to consider issues ranging from disappointment to alienation to traumatization to help veterans find the inner peace they’ve lost during their service on the frontlines.

In this month’s episode, Ryan Cury, a Trade Marketing Manager in the New York office, sat down with Nancy Sherman, author of Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of Our Soldiers, to discuss the painful questions veterans bring home from war, as well as the possibility of inner healing.

Guantanamo Ethics

Watch video at PBS.org

Huffington Post Live: The Boredom Of War
Listen Watch the video

Nancy Sherman, "Recovering Lost Goodness: Shame, Guilt, and Self-Empathy
Listen Watch the video

Dialogue at the Wilson Center

Nancy Sherman at Erikson Institute Fall Conference on PTSD
Listen Watch the video


Nancy Sherman talked about her latest book, The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers. Professor Sherman was interviewed at Georgetown University as part of Book TV's College Series. Watch the video

2010-11 Drell Lecture- "The Moral Wounds of War: The War Within"
CISAC, FSI Stanford Lecture
Listen Video - Professor Sherman's lecture, "The War Within"
Streaming flash video. Introduction by Scott Sagan.
Video - Q&A Session

May 28, 2010: Nancy Sherman Extended Interview

Nancy Sherman: Anger in Warfare
Author Nancy Sherman provides an historic background on how anger is to be controlled in the time of war. Watch the video

Watch the video at pbs.org

Nancy Sherman on Military Families, speaking at the Woodrow Wilson Center in DC
Watch the C-SPAN Video

Watch Big Think Interview with Nancy Sherman

Politics & ProsE BOOKTALK
Politics & Prose, an independent bookstore in Washington,
DC hosted Dr. Nancy Sherman for a lively discussion of her book, THE UNTOLD WAR.
Listen Watch the video

The Untold War
Georgetown professor, Dr. Nancy Sherman, discusses what we can learn from soldiers about the morality of war. Dr. Sherman's new book, The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers will be in bookstores on 1 March 2010.
Listen Watch the video

The Feelings of War
Listen Watch the video

Sharing the moral burdens of war
Listen Watch the video

Nancy Sherman interview on military ethics:
Listen Watch the video

Washington and Lee University

April 09, 2010 — Nancy Sherman, Ph.D., University
Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University,
gave this lecture called The Other War: The Guilt
Soldiers Carry, on December 4, 2008 at Washington
and Lee University, Lexington, VA.

Listen Watch the video