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Nancy was interviewed by psychotherapist, Jackie June ter Heide, during Nancy's visit to ARQ to give a lecture series on moral injury and Stoicism: Moral injury is part of the human condition

Here’s an antidote to a hypermasculinist appropriation of Stoicism: THE MODERN MAN IS GETTING STOICISM ALL WRONG

Vassar Stories: Georgetown Philosophy Prof. Delivers Lecture on Military Ethics

Daily Stoic: Stoicism in the Military: An Interview with Professor Nancy Sherman

Mention in Silicon Valley’s Latest Lifehack: Death

Nancy Sherman in New York Times article, For Veterans, a Path to Healing ‘Moral Injury’

Nancy Sherman was interviewed by Ryan Holiday on Stoicism and its appeal: Stoicism in the Military: An Interview with Professor Nancy Sherman

Nancy Sherman is featured in the just out New York Times philosophy series:  Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments: A Stone Reader.  Nancy's pieces: “The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt,” and “A Crack in the Stoic Armor."

An interview with Nancy Sherman
and 9 other leading researchers in Tamler Sommers, A Very Bad Wizard: Morality Behind the Curtain, 2nd edition, Routledge, 2016.

Nancy's article Emotional Restoration after War was published in Our Ancient Wars from U. of Michigan Pres

Washington Post reviews AFTERWAR
Coping with the guilt and remorse of war
—Amanda Erickson, Washington Post

Nancy Sherman on TVO: The Agenda with Steve Paiken
Nov 11, 2015

Nancy Sherman on Georgetown Public Policy Review
Nov 11, 2015

Nancy Sherman on AMA Reddit

June 17, 2015

David Brooks, New York Times columnist, has given advance praise for Nancy Sherman's work on moral injury in AFTERWAR:
The Moral Injury

—New York Times Opinion Pages

Read the interview "Nancy Sherman, the soldiers’ philosopher" at

Nancy's book:
is now available from Oxford U. Press.
Politics & Prose
Oxford University Press

Nancy has been featured as the woman philosopher
of the month by the American Philosophical
Association Committee on the Status of Women.

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ABC's The World Today INTERVIEW:
Lawyers for accused soldier blame PTS

Nancy Sherman talked about her latest book, The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers. Professor Sherman was interviewed at Georgetown University as part of Book TV's College Series.

Expert on Veteran Issues Stops In Carbondale

The Houghton Star: War and the American Ideal

NANCY'S articles "Shame and Responsibility" AND Revenge Impulses Go Unchecked haVE been chosen as "Essential ReadS" in Ethics and Morality on

PBS: Living with the Moral Burdens of War
Kim Lawton, managing editor of this program, joins me to talk with Nancy Sherman, a University Professor at Georgetown University in Washington.

NANCY SHERMAN Quoted in new york times article: Reprehensible Behavior Is a Risk of Combat, Experts Say

NANCY SHERMAN's CNN OPINION ARTICLE: Marines video and the ugly impulse of revenge

Nancy Sherman was named a Public Policy Scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington DC for 2011-2012

Nancy Sherman gave a public lecture at Cornell on “The Moral Psychic Reality of War,” sponsored by the Program on Ethics and Public Life. 
Richard Miller, EPL Director, introduced the talk.  For news and photo coverage,

Nancy Sherman was one of three Keynote speakers at Indiana University’s symposium on “Virtuous Empathy.” 
For coverage of the event,

Nancy Sherman has been named the “Lone Star Tour” speaker 2012
The tour stops at the University of Texas, Texas A & M University, Rice University, and the University of Houston.
Past speakers of this Texas philosophy tour have included Elliot Sober, David Lewis, John McDowell, John Cooper, Stephen Darwall, Michael Williams, Ned Block, Susan Wolf, Robert Brandom, and Timothy Williamson.

Nancy Sherman is a featured speaker along with Tim O'Brien at Indiana University event Making War, Making Peace

IU Bloomington to host book discussion for Veterans Day

- IU News Room

Philosophy Professor Brings Soldiers' Private Battles into the Public Realm - Georgetown University News

The Untold War
mentioned in
The Illusion Of American Exceptionalism Was Shattered"
- The Daily Beast

Nancy Sherman quoted in Staff Sgt. James Wilson survives battleground but loses a war with another enemy -

TROUW, a leading Dutch daily newspaper, published Sherman's lecture given in The Hague, accompanied by a photo gallery, shot by Claire Felicie, of close-ups of soldiers.

Founded during World War II as a part of the Dutch resistance to the German occupation, the newspaper has an illustrious history.

Download a PDF of the article in TROUW

5/13/2011 - Nancy SHerman awarded appointment
as a Woodrow Wilson Public Policy Scholar for 2011-2012.

Stanford committee reads Untold War as they
deliberate about reinstanding ROTC

"As they prepare to consider reinstating a formal ROTC program on
Stanford's campus, the ad hoc committee members have steeped
themselves in the history of the issue and the mind of the soldier.

The committee members read, for example, "The Untold War:
Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers," by Nancy Sherman.
The author interviewed veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well
as Vietnam and World Wars I and II."
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The Untold War
chosen as "Book of the Month"
feature from Military Child Education Coalition

The Untold War REVIEW

Meaningful Contributions

Nancy Sherman ’73 Earns Praise for The Untold War

Troops: Loss will be felt when Air Force cuts chaplain corps by 15 percent
—Stars and Stripes

Soldiers share thoughts on less-obvious conflicts

For anyone seeking to understand “the inner war’’ soldiers fight on
the battlefield and at home, Nancy’s Sherman’s book brilliantly maps
soldiers’ dark inner landscapes.

—The Boston Globe

The Moral Weight of War
Marines deserve to know the truth.

March 16, 2010 - The Untold War by Nancy Sherman:
A Must Read for Vets and Those Who Support Them

—Matthew Alexander, The Huffington Post

THE Untold war gets NYT "editor's choice"

Editors Choice Award

news makers
March 3, 2010 - Nancy Sherman featured in Georgetown University's News Makers

Time Magazine ReviewBOOK REVIEW,Time Magazine
It's difficult to remain neutral when it comes to war. Mindful of that fact, Sherman takes pains to declare on the very first page of her new book that it is "not a political tract for or against a war... Read full review

Sherman Surveys Modern Soldiers' War Within
Tracie Powell
University professor Nancy Sherman's new book, "The Untold War: Inside the Hearts and Minds and Souls of Our Soldiers," (W.W. Norton & Company, 2010) examines the moral weight of war that individual soldiers don't usually talk about...

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From Ft. Hood to Florida: Lots of Questions, Few Answers on the Psyche of Shooters
Rabeika Messina, Newsweek
We don't know much about suspected Ft. Hood killer Nidal Malik Hasan: there are reports he gave away his possessions. There are reports he was terrified of being deployed. And there's the fact that prior to his killing spree, Hasan worked as a psychiatrist, treating war-affected patients at both Walter Reed and Ft. Hood...

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Overstressed military mental health system examined
—Emily Mullin, ScrippsNews
In the aftermath of the Fort Hood shootings last week, the spotlight is suddenly on the military's overstressed mental health care system.
Questions are emerging about how a few hundred military mental health counselors are treating thousands and thousands of men and women in the armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq...

Read the article

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The Untold War

Book review: Soldiers of 'Untold War' bear the awful moral burden alone

Stoic Warriors excerpt on

Nancy Sherman: The Stoic Influence on the Modern Military - BlackwellClassics

TELLING THOUGHTS features The Untold War

Novelist, Psychologist Shira Nayman on Sharing the Burden of Memory
Sherman, a philosophy professor at Georgetown University and author, gave the lecture "The Untold War: The Guilt They Carry" for the 48th annual Potter Memorial lecture series, sponsored by the philosophy department.

The Seattle University Spectator

The Untold War is 'Veterans Administration into the 21st Century' book of the month Choice

Nancy Sherman ’73 Earns Praise for The Untold War