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Nancy was interviewed by psychotherapist, Jackie June ter Heide, during Nancy's visit to ARQ to give a lecture series on moral injury and Stoicism: Moral injury is part of the human condition

Here’s an antidote to a hypermasculinist appropriation of Stoicism: THE MODERN MAN IS GETTING STOICISM ALL WRONG

Harvard report (and attending documents) co-authored by Nancy Sherman on sexual discrimination and harassment from 1976, when she was a graduate student there. All too relevant today about how institutions silently support unequal treatment of women.
Read (Women Students' Coalition Report and Clippings) (Report Only)

Donald Trump has proven that he does not know what any potential Commander-in-Chief should: that military families also serve.
—LSE US Centre

Bergdahl, Franks: A tale of 2 'deserters'

Moral injury: Troops talk of how war assaults conscience

Afterwar Review | Coping with the guilt and remorse of war
—Amanda Erickson, Washington Post

5 Questions: Philosopher explores warriors' moral anguish
—Military Times

The Good Soldier: Why a Suicidal Officer Had to Go AWOL to Save His Life
—Rolling Stone

After War: A Conversation with Author Nancy Sherman
—Real Clear Defense

Nancy Sherman on war and homecoming
—Prospect Magazine

Moral injury — the quiet epidemic of soldiers haunted by what they did during wartime

The deepest war wound may be the anguish of moral injury

—first published in the LA Times

How military chaplains are finding new ways to treat vets with invisible wounds 
—Tim Townsend, Apri10, 2015, The Washington Post

Haunted by their decisions in war
—Thomas Gibbons-Neff, March 6, 2015, The Washington Post

Nancy's interview on BBC Radio's A History of Ideas
–BBC Radio

Bowe Bergdahl and 'moral injury': What if 'right and wrong' crumbles?
—Christian Science Monitor

Untold Stories, Hidden Wounds

—Psychoanalytic Psychology

It's the Gun, Not the Shooter
—Foreign Affairs

Nancy Sherman – Moral Damage and Moral Repair After War
—International Psychoanalysis

Hagel worried unethical servicemembers ‘stain the honor’ of US military
—Stars and Stripes

Hagel will have general officer be point man on ethics issues
—Stars and Stripes

Stoic Equanimity in the Face of Torture
—Philosophic Exchange

Brutalised men do brutal things
—The Independent

Five Reasons Why Stoicism Matters Today

Hidden Wounds
—America Magazine

What Does It Take to Break the Athlete's Code of Silence?
—The Atlantic

Essay: We’ve seen photos before like ones of U.S. soldiers with Afghan corpses
—The Washington Post

'ReEntry' bridges the gap between veterans and civilians

—The Dartmouth

Sherman talks effects of war stress
—The Dartmouth

Frente de batalha silenciosa

—Brazil's Daily,  O Globo

Soldier has 'no memory' of Afghan massacre
—ABC Online

Soldiers: The War Within

Reprehensible Behavior Is a Risk of Combat, Experts Say

—New York Times

Marines video and the ugly impulse of revenge

—CNN International, by Nancy Sherman, Special to CNN

Beyond PTSD: Soldiers Have Injured Souls


Shame and Responsibility: A Response
—New York Times

The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt
—New York Times

'Untold War' author sees guilt as a key component of military humanity

Q&A: Nancy Sherman
—TMP: The Philosophers' Magazine

Drell Lecture at Stanford: Georgetown philosopher says soldiers' guilt deserves more attention

—Stanford University News

Drell Lecture: The Moral Wounds of War
—Devin Banerjee, Honors Student at CISAC

Talking Out Loud About War, and Coming Home
- NYTimes.com

Ideas of the century: the moral psychology of war

Featured Interview for Veteran’s Day
The Nation Writing Project

The United States' great shame

—The Irish Times

Wounded warriors tragic reminder of war
—ABC Online

“Army of One”
—Community Health magazine

Sick of Sucking it Up
—Big Think
Philosophy professor Nancy Sherman interviewed veteran soldiers and found they wanted to shed their Stoic armor. “Notions of Stoic purity and ...

The Stoicism of Soldiers
–Psychology Today

A Crack in the Stoic’s Armor - Opinionator Blog
- NYTimes.com
The Stoicism that serves soldiers well at war can have a heavy cost at home...

What Good Soldiers Bear

STOIC WARRIORS: Nancy Sherman on modern soldiers and ancient wisdom
—TMP The Philosopher's Magazine

Heroes on the Homefront
—Christal Smith,
The Huffington Post

As part of my research I spoke to Nancy Sherman, author of an intriguing analysis of the mentality of the warrior in combat and at home. Trained as a philosopher and a psychoanalyst, she makes the case that wars are fought on two fronts, one with guns and the other within the psyche.

Soldiers' Moral Wounds
—The Chronicle Review
What it feels like to put on a military uniform, deploy, and come home is still not really part of the public conversation about war. Even in philosophy or ethics classes in which war is the topic and some of our students are themselves about to go to war or have just come home, the inward war soldiers wage is often kept outside the classroom. ..
Read the article online
Download the pdf

The Guilt They Carry
Wounds of Iraq and Afghanistan

—Dissent Magazine
Read the article
Download the pdf

"Duty, Country, Politics"

Soldiers not only fight for each other but for the cause, said Nancy Sherman, a professor at Georgetown University who specializes in military ethics. "They want to know that the cause is just," she says. "It's hard to fight when soldiers don't know what they're fighting for. They also need to know that the cause is worth their sacrifice."

psychology today

An op ed Brig Gen (RET) Steve Xenakis, MD and Nancy Sherman wrote, featured on the home page of Psychology Today: Not Just About the Psychologists
Post published by Nancy Sherman Ph.D. on September 8, 2015

Don’t Just Tell Me "Thank You"
Post published by Nancy Sherman Ph.D. on May 22, 2015

The Deepest War Wound May Be the Anguish of Moral Injury
Post published by Nancy Sherman Ph.D. on Apr 28, 2015

A Meditation on How Moral Injuries Heal
Post published by Nancy Sherman Ph.D. on Apr 09, 2015

Read all of Nancy's Afterwar posts at PsychologyToday.com